The Instrumental People Behind the Success of Scholastic Publishing

Books have been around since the ages and what’s great is that even today, despite the advent of more convenient alternatives when it comes to reading and learning, books are still somehow going strong, with a lot of people still preferring to read off of a paper book than reading on a computer or mobile device screen.

One of the most successful publishing companies nowadays when it comes to books and publishing is Scholastic. The publishing house is behind some of the most popular book series that children as well as adults have read, enjoyed, loved and cherished throughout the years. The Harry Potter series of books is without a doubt very popular and is certainly the most popular Scholastic book series produced. With a number of Hollywood movies under the Harry Potter brand as well as a strong foothold in pop-culture, a huge number of people know about the book, the story and the characters and continue to be very passionate about the whole series and the numerous spin-off stories that have been published or will be published in the future.

While people know the books that Scholastic has produced or are also quite familiar with Scholastic Publishing as an institution, only a small number of people are likely to be aware of the people who are behind the amazing success that the company has had through the years.

It is usually the leader of a company or a group that is primarily responsible for its success and in the case of Scholastic, this is definitely the case. Richard Robinson is the son of Scholastic Publishing Company’s founder, Maurice R. Robinson and after his father, the younger Robinson has become the second CEO of the company. Through his leadership, Scholastic was able to create some of the most recognizable children’s books in recent history and his direction of the company has made it become a mainstay in today’s book scene and also of modern pop culture.

While Maureen O’Connell Scholastic series contributions were not direct in terms of what she has done to influence how the books came out, here contributions were more on the distribution of the amazing books that Scholastic produces. Miss O’Connell is an EVP and CFO of Scholastic and that some of her biggest contributions to the company include centralizing the company’s supply chains and has also streamlined the distribution of the different products that Scholastic sells. Her efforts have ensured that the company is able to deliver their products to customers in a timely and very efficient manner.

While founded in the USA, the company has grown from a local company into an international one and that the current international success of the company is thanks to the company’s President of International Growth markets, Shane Armstrong. With his contributions to the company, Mr. Armstrong has helped to make Scholastic an even more popular and globally recognized publishing brand.

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