Inter State Moves

One of the hardest and most stressful times in any country, is when someone has to relocate to another city or even state but in Australia, because of its size, it is even harder and more stressful. Whilst in some other, much smaller countries, someone may try to move all their belongings without assistance but in Australia that is a very rare sight for obvious reasons. When it comes to relocating, most people in Australia will look to hire a removalist and if they are moving to a different state, one of the Interstate Removalists.

In Australia at least, these removalists are Professionals and will usually be well experienced in what they do and what they do, is allow people or businesses to move anywhere in the country with the minimum of stress. I would like to say with no stress but due to the enormous size of the task, especially if it is an interstate move, there probably will be at least one or two stressful moments but they will be unavoidable if the removalists you choose are good at what they do.

This brings us to which removalist you should choose to assist you in your move and the first thing to consider, if you are moving interstate is, do they have experience with interstate removals or are they just a local business looking for larger bucks? An interstate move has a lot more details which have to be considered and so it is always best to opt for a removal company which has at least some experience in moving interstate and that way you should spare yourself a lot of needless stress.

The next thing you will want to know is if they have insurance. Although of course any of the companies should have adequate and appropriate insurance for their trucks, most will not have insurance for the contents of those trucks, namely your belongings. It is of course always best to have insurance and although most of the removal companies will expect you to get your own insurance; that is probably best anyway as you can ensure that you get a policy which suits you and not just one that suits them. For that same reason it is often best to get independent insurance and not the one they may offer you.

When you first approach a company for a quote, if they are professional they should be able to give you one, in writing, within 24 hours. If they give you a quote immediately, they probably haven’t considered every aspect of your move and so will probably not offer you the quote in writing as they almost certainly will find something else to add on before the move is completed.

Lastly of course you will want to ensure that they are available to make the move on the dates you want and not try and convince you of other dates which may suit them better. Ask them what route they will take and what back-up plans they have should there be any problems.