Amazing Nightclubs In Marbella That You Should Not Miss

When you hear the word Spain, it is common to associate it with Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid. However, when you think of nightclubs in Spain, Marbella is the only one great place to be! It is located in the southern part of Spain. You can find the most vibrant nightlife in Marbella. With its awesome bars, nightclubs and other classy venues, Marbella is always included in the list of destinations of many tourists not only on the domestic front but also on the international front. It is actually a very impressive city, where many famous people go to or even live. A typically sunny place with some great beaches, Marbella is an epitome of a classy and luxurious city.

Speaking of nightclubs, Marbella has all the best of them. The truth is your visit to Spain will not be complete without visiting this city and enjoying a couple of its nightclubs during your stay. In this article, let’s try to discuss some of the amazing Marbella nightclubs that you should visit while you are in Spain, specifically in Marbella. First, if you are searching for a new nightclub, you will enjoy at Shout Nightclub, which is one of the newest nightclubs in the city of Marbella. With a novel concept, Shout offers live music to its guests, who can party all night long beginning from 11 o’ clock in the evening until 7 o’ clock in the morning. You can go there either on a Saturday, Friday or Thursday night. Second, you can enjoy the Marbella nightlife more when you stay at Plaza Village. You will get to experience various DJ styles as you dance the night away. What’s more, you can have a good drink and a relaxing time under the stars when you choose to stay there. Third, if you prefer a nightclub that features some interesting themed nights, MAMA is the best choice for you. With its unique setting, MAMA will truly give you a different feel while you are there. The themed nights include discopunk 90s and discopunk 80s with a twist to name a few. You can choose to go there any day of the week and enjoy the music like nu disco, tech and deep house. Fourth, if you are normally a night owl and prefer to go to a venue that starts late, Funky Buddha is perfect for you. It does not only open late at around 3am but it is an awesome spot to keep you awake with all its loud and relaxing beats. What’s more, its drinks are to die for! It is an exclusive club that is often frequented by many celebrities. It is best to make a reservation early on so that you can rest assured that you can get a table when you arrive there. Fifth, if you are searching for a cozy ambiance, Seven will never disappoint you. With Asian and Arabic interiors, Seven always creates an attractive setting for its guests. What’s more, you can see many guests wearing a smart outfit as it is required by its dress code.