Hobbies And Cutting Mats

After a day of grueling works, some people naturally seek to find ways to relax. While some guys may simply while away their time drinking a couple of beers inside a bar, others may plunge themselves in a hefty exercise regimen to release the lingering tension of the day. However, most people may simply drive straight home, have dinner with their family, watch TV, and indulge their remaining waking hours in a hobby. While men’s indoor hobbies may include a variety of indoor games and preoccupations, most women’s indoor hobbies are limited to reading, surfing the net, and needle works like sewing, embroidery, and quilting. I may sound like a typical misogynist at this point; yet, what I want to point out is the simple fact that the majority of these indoor hobbies of men and women require a working table. Likewise, this working table must somehow be equipped with a cutting mat. And speaking of indoor hobbies, more and more women nowadays are enjoying embroidery and quilting. Prompted by technological progress, more women now are using the newest embroidery and quilting tools at hand. One of these cool tools is the rotary cutting mat. Nowadays, it is a must for a quilter to buy rotary cutting mat or have at least one in one’s possession.

A New Way to Cut Fabrics

The rotary cutters and rotary cutting mat, in producing clean and straight cuts on textiles and other fabrics, have increasingly grown in popular use and are slowly replacing the scissors as the choice tools for cutting. Likewise, entrepreneurs and hobbyists alike have steadily set their scissors aside as their primary cutting tool and are now frequently using rotary cutters.

Rotary cutters can be readily identified because of their round blades attached to handles, and they are very similar to those that are used in slicing pizza, although they have blades with smaller diameter. These round-bladed cutting tools have gradually superseded the craft knife in cutting fabrics, for the craft knife tends to crumple the fabric. Likewise, the rotary cutters are easier to use and handle than scissors, and with the aid of a straight edge, the rotary cutters can cut straight perfectly. Indeed, the rotary cutters together with the cutting mat and straight edge make textile cutting an enjoyable experience.

Uses of Cutting Mat

The rotary cutting mat not only serves as a cushion between the cutting blade and the working table’s surface; it likewise serves as a guide and template. Most rotary cutting mats have one of its faces printed with square grids and dimensions. This feature serves as alignment and measuring aid for the person who uses the mat. Moreover, most available cutting mats, nowadays, are made of self-healing rubber material that ensures durability and versatility. Originally marketed as an office supply, the self-healing cutting mat has soon become one of the most sought after tools of hobbyist and craftsmen. Since its introduction into the market, the cutting mat has grown in variety, brand, sizes, colors and shapes. Usually offered in rectangular shape, the latest self-healing cutting mats are now available in round shapes of varying diameters. The round cutting mat can be rotated 360 degrees for easy use, and although the round cutting mats were originally conceived for quilting use, other hobbyists have also grown fond of this innovation, and now they generally prefer to use the round cutting mat instead of the square one.